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Exciting opportunity for your dealership from!

Let the internet grow your business. There isn't a more effective advertising tool than websites with lots of traffic. ClassyAuto makes effective websites that keep your cost per sale low and increase customer satisfaction.

Use our system to drive traffic to your dealership. We, bring it all; eBay, multiple websites, clubs and enthusiast groups, years of experience. In other words: we bring you buyers.

Think of our service as an extension of your dealership - it allows you to be in front of hundresds of thousands of consumers who might not otherwise be aware of your dealership.

Take advantage of Ebay Motors

Ebay is the most powerful online marketplace in the world today. Let us help you take advantage of it. Our system will save you time and make you money!

  • Ebay motors gets more traffic than,, and Yahoo!autos COMBINED!
  • Ebay is responsible for well over $1 Billion in vehicle sales
  • Ebay sells a vehicle every 90 seconds, on average

Put that power of to work for you today!

The internet is a hot market that needs to be taken advantage of. Over 65% of car buyers start their search online... are they able to find your vehicles?

Ebay Motors Auctions

You can start using eBay Motors without going through all the hassle. Many dealerships are hesitant to try eBay due to lack of experience, expertise or time. Our eBay solution is the answer!

Inventory Marketing

We make it simple for you to market your inventory on your website, our network of sites, other classified sites and eBay, all through one simple interface.

Dealer Websites

The best way to promote your inventory, and your business, is through a website of your own. Not all websites are created equal though! at ClassyAuto we build sites THAT WORK!